Why Your B2B Campaigns are Missing 95% of Your Target Audience


You're starting with a single channel.

Many B2B marketers often start by launching their campaigns in a single channel, most often email. But this historic approach is rife with wasted spend. 

For starters, data providers for B2B email campaigns typically deliver a high bounce rate of emails (whereas NetWise rings in at 90% deliverability on all of our 50 million B2B email addresses). And since people don’t always open their emails, B2B marketers have no choice but to add additional channels, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, other social platforms and programmatic.

More channels means more complexity.

So as B2B marketers’ sophistication grows, so do channels that they target. They will often work with different data providers for digital or email targeting, but when marketers leverage different data sets for the different parts of a campaign, they’re actually targeting different people. Since the data is coming from myriad sources, marketers are missing portions of their audience across those different channels.

But when you use NetWise and our PII-based ID graph, you’ll hit a much higher percentage of your target audience, because you’re able to leverage the same data for all of the different channels used by your marketing team. This is because NetWise lives a layer above these channels and unites the target data.

You need to reduce complexity a layer above.

The NetWise Audience Data platform lives a layer above all of these channels. You can use it to generate your target audiences based on channel, but before you jump into those channels. This reduces the complexity of your universe of target audiences, meaning you can do more once you hit the channels.

For example, NetWise wanted to target companies that use a type of chat tool that provides website visitor resolution. We used our data platform to identify a list of companies that were in the market for this particular audience. Once we had a company-based segment of who we should be targeting, we used the NetWise Platform to identify the sales and marketing managers at those businesses. We added those people into an email sequence that was based on the value proposition for their companies having this particular technology, followed by LinkedIn and Facebook campaigns to the same target universe. When we measure the inbound traffic to our website, the form fills, and action items from those campaigns, we can see the surround sound effect of marketing to the same people.

In another example, Affinity Express, which is one of our customers, ran a hyper-focused programmatic campaign that performed as well as if it had actually retargeted traffic that had already visited its website. That is huge — and a real-life testament to the power of using the same data set for omnichannel campaigns.

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