Why NetWise decided to democratize access to our data.


Or, Why the NetWise Audience Platform Matters.

Last week, NetWise unveiled its NetWise Audience Platform, and we’ve been blown away by the response we’ve received to this new tool that enables B2B marketers to tap directly into our leading multi-channel B2B marketing data. Before the launch of this tool, most B2B marketers were already leveraging our data—whether they knew it or not. After all, we’ve spent the past decade powering the majority of business data across all of ad tech and martech, including the industry’s biggest platforms.

So, of course, we’ve been hearing the obvious question: Why? Why open up access to your data in this way? And why now? 

Our simple answer: Because the industry needs it—now more than ever.

An industry in need.

Never before has quality data been so vital to the success of businesses as it is today. Good data doesn’t just power marketing. It powers companies. It powers customer insights, product development, loyalty programs, acquisition and retention efforts, not to mention supply chain efficiencies and customer service operations. Data provides the insights needed to guide companies into the future and to pivot as needed when the world throws unexpected wrenches into the best-laid plans. If the pandemic taught us nothing else, it taught us this. 

Here at NetWise, we believe data this powerful should be accessible. It shouldn’t be hidden within black boxes and convoluted buying processes. It should be democratized in a way that the people who need it most can access it, manipulate it, learn from it, put learnings into action, and feed results back into the system for continuous optimization and improved efficiencies. 

Breaking down barriers.

In other words, the NetWise Audience Platform is about empowering our customers by removing technological limitations. Companies shouldn’t have an impersonal relationship with the information that fuels their business decisions. They should be hands-on and intimately familiar with it. 

The NetWise Audience Platform enables anyone to explore our leading multi-channel B2B data and put it to work to not only design their campaigns but also to learn about their customers and business opportunities in completely new ways. The power that can be unlocked when B2B marketers actually get to play with their data cannot be understated.

Straight to the source.

When you tap into data through the new NetWise Audience Platform, you’re going straight to the source. We’re not licensing data—we’re doing the real work ourselves. And we’re giving companies a direct line to it. We’re proud to be the data science team that replaces your need to build your own, and we’re excited to be working with B2B marketers in an entirely new way. 

Together, we’re going to build the digital advertising ecosystem that we’ve all been dreaming of for more than a decade. 

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