Which Industries Have the Most Marketers?


What are we looking at?

For this month’s look into the NetWise Audience Platform’s underlying data set we wanted to see which industries have the most marketers by percentage.

The Query

To start to break this down here are the steps we took.

  1. Calculated the total persons per company.
  2. Calculated total persons working in marketing (defined as having a b2b job function of ‘marketing’)
  3. Filtered out companies with a null normalized industry.
    1. Why? We have several firmographic providers who all have different industry taxonomies. We have a lot of these normalized, but not all of them. In this case we wanted to look at clean industry values.
  4. Divided marketing persons by total persons to get proportion of persons working in marketing for a company.
  5. Filtered out companies with less than 1,000 persons or more than 5,000 persons in our database
    1. Why? I wanted to filter out companies where we don’t have many contacts, smaller companies, and extra large companies.
  6. Made proportion groupings in increments of 10 and one for 5 or less.
  7. Counted number of companies for each proportion grouping.
  8. Segmented by industry.
  9. Filtered to US companies.


  • The graphic only lists 12 out of 38 industries, these were the ones that had a wider proportion spread.
  • The stats quoted in the exploration (below) may be slightly different than the graphic due to rounding.


As usual, we found some pretty interesting stuff in this data breakdown:

  • More than 90% of companies across all industries have less than 10% of their staff working in marketing.
  • Companies in industries such as Energy & Utilities, Government, Mining, Waste, Education, and Wholesalers have the lowest proportions of marketing workers – nearly all of them have a proportion under 5%.
  • Most other industries also have very low proportions of marketing workers, but industries such as Manufacturing, Sports & Recreation, Hospitality & Hotels, and Non-Profits have a larger percentage of companies with more modest proportions. For example, for these industries, on average, only 75% of them have 5% or less working in marketing. The remaining quarter of companies in those industries have a larger spread of proportions:
    • ~9% of Manufacturing companies have a proportion of 11-40%
    • ~23% of Sports & Recreation companies have a proportion of 6-20%
    • ~31% of Hospitality & Hotels companies have a proportion of 6-20%
    • ~15% of Non-Profit companies have a proportion of 11-20%
    • These are still small proportions, but they are significantly different than companies with extremely low proportions such as those where the proportion is under 5%.
  • Advertising & Marketing companies, boast the highest proportions of marketing workers – 32% of them have a marketing workforce of 21-40%.


  • It is unsurprising that companies categorized as Energy & Utilities or Government have low marketing workforces; these companies are essential services.
  • It is also unsurprising to see Advertising & Marketing as the industry with the highest proportion. It shows they practice what they preach!
  • It will be interesting to see how proportions shift for the middle-of-the-pack industries. I would expect percentages to increase across the board, which would be consistent with other global increases in marketing and advertising spending. (Marketing is eating the world!)

Thanks! Back to the data mines.

See you next month 

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