What Makes NetWise’s Data Appealing to B2B Marketers?



Learn why NetWise’s data is different—and more helpful for marketers—than the parameters of standard programmatic buys.

We have a bold statement to make: NetWise’s digital solution is as robust—if not more robust—than those offered by every other B2B data provider in the market.

We are originators of the industry’s most powerful B2B data. Back in 2012, when we were founded as Bizo’s primary B2B data supplier, we became one of the first companies to link a consumer to a business persona. That allowed us to create large B2B syndicated audiences.

Today, our B2B audience data accounts for roughly 40% of all B2B data available in adtech and martech. We license our B2B syndicated audiences to the industry’s major programmatic data providers. For example, we feed the B2B branded offerings from 60-70% of the industry’s top 20 demand-side platforms (DSPs), who we count as NetWise customers.

What Makes NetWise’s Data Different?

Your success with NetWise starts with data quality. NetWise’s data is deterministic and extracted from user-generated inputs—not modeled off of cookies or IPs. It’s derived directly from hashed-email personas, which is a major differentiator since our data avoids many of the pitfalls associated with the cookie- or IP-based targeting commonly used in programmatic.

Privacy-First Policy

Many types of data come with consumer privacy baggage. Third-party cookies, for example, raise privacy red flags when they can be tied back to individuals. User-agent fingerprinting is also problematic if it can be connected to some sort of personally identifiable information without consumer consent. All of this means that a company can’t legitimately use a cookie, IP, device ID or user agency fingerprinting to identify me as a VP of sales engineering. NetWise’s core ID graph, on the other hand, was built in a privacy-compliant fashion that is focused on anonymized hashed emails.

Data Accuracy

Privacy isn’t the only problem facing third-party cookies. If companies don’t have the appropriate cookie-to-domain resolution, they are likely to take crappy data in and get crappy data out.

Our data delivers greater accuracy than all the other solutions out there built on cookies, IPs, device IDs, or user agent fingerprinting—period. We have had partners test our audiences against retargeting, and our data performs as well as the retargeting cookies from users who have visited their websites, which is a huge win for the value of NetWise’s data.

Two Audience Types

We provide two types of audiences to our customers: those available under the NetWise brand, such as through a DSP, or custom audiences that match our clients’ specific criteria. When customers use our platform, they gain visibility into the actual people that they’re targeting programmatically, on social or other digital channels. That doesn’t exist in other places. Our customers can also create and refine smaller hyper-focused ABM lists of targets, such as 50,000 people instead of 5 million.

Flexible Cost Structure

We own our data, so we have the ability to create flexible cost structures. For example, we can replace CPM or percentage-of-media fees with flat fees based on unlimited media spend or unlimited impressions for the same people targeted across channels.

 When we begin working with agencies or brands on programmatic buys, they typically start with a CPM-based model while they test our data’s performance. We might distribute a segment to their DSP and Facebook account, which they may activate against at a $2.50 CPM and 15% of media fee within Facebook. They run it for 30 days, see how amazingly well it performs, and want to do more.

Once we begin executing multiple audiences for them, we may move to a flat-fee engagement, which can turn their B2B data expenses from a cost center to a profit center. Same thing for ABM platforms, which can transform their programmatic data buys into profit centers rather than cost centers. This is virtually unheard of in the industry.

Experience NetWise's Data

Returning NetWise customers will tell you about our trusted privacy policies, data accuracy, audience segmentation capabilities, and flexible cost structure. Combined, these factors make our offering unique and inherently more valuable than other options in the market. However, the proof is always in the pudding. If you haven’t built an audience with NetWise data, let’s get a demo on the calendar and experiment with your audiences.

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