What is an ID Graph?


Not All Identity Databases Are the Same

If you’re a digital marketer, you’re probably hearing the term “ID Graph” more and more, especially with cookies possibly going away within the next 18 months. ID Graph stands for “identity graph,” and we’re here to shed a little light on what it is and how it works. An identity graph is a database that ties together multiple identifiers about people and businesses in a way that enables B2B marketers to make connections and uncover relationships.

At NetWise, we use two kinds of identifiers in our identity graph. The first is a piece of information such as a person’s name that links them to a company or a phone number at a company. The second type of identifier is often used for digital marketing purposes, such as an IP address, digital device ID, mobile device ID, hashed email or third-party cookie.”

We have built our identity graph to ingest all of the industry IDs we can get. Our ID graph is also unique because we link people’s business email addresses to their personal email addresses. When a marketer only has business email addresses, without the corresponding consumer email addresses, their match rates will be lower, and their audiences will be much smaller. Very few B2B data companies have this kind of complete ID graph.

The ID Graph in Action

What does that look like in action? In Facebook, we can hash the personal emails to create IDs that can be used to build very targeted business audiences. Audience from our ID graph get higher reach on Facebook and programmatic campaigns. 

Another use case enabled by our ID graph relates to intent data. B2B marketers use intent data to find companies that are likely in the market to buy their products or services. It’s one of the hottest types of data marketers can buy, because it helps them better target companies — but it doesn’t come with people to target.

Bring Your Own Data

If a B2B marketer has a list of companies that are in-market for its tech solutions, our platform can ingest that list, match those domains to companies in our ID graph, and see all the employees who work there. From there, the marketer can refine that list of employees to target tech decision-makers only. 

Our data and identity graph enable true multi-channel marketing. B2B marketers can be confident that when they use our data and identity graph, they are reaching the same person across every marketing channel: programmatic, display, social, email, connected TV, telemarketing, and direct mail. No other B2B data company can be so comprehensive.

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