What Are The Top Ten Colleges for Marketers?


Welcome to our From the Data series. This is where our data engineers get to have a little fun with the NetWise database to see what we can learn. (And what you can learn about what can be done with our data.)

What data is up this week?

Did you know you can segment NetWise data by education? Well, you can. This month we decided to dig in and take a look at what the top schools were for people who have ended up in marketing jobs.

The query.

This month’s query wasn’t quite as tricky as some of the stuff we’ve run in the past. This time all we had to do was look at people with marketing associated job titles, and where they went to school. These were the top ten schools across the, based on the number of people who attended and who now have marketing jobs.

What we found:

1. New York University

2. Penn State University

3. Arizona State University

4. University of Phoenix

5. Michigan State University

6. The University of Texas at Austin

7. University of Southern California

8. Boston University

9. University of Florida

10. University of Central Florida

Why this is cool.

Interestingly, two states each have two of the top schools: Florida and Arizona. The University of Florida and the University of Phoenix both have large online degree programs, which might explain their popularity.

Also, There’s a good mix of public and private schools which throws off the notion that this is just a reflection of schools with the highest enrollment.

Finally, we also found that most marketers are working in the state where they went to school.

But wait, there's more.

For fun, we decided to drop the “marketer” requirement and take  a look at the top schools across all of the professional contacts in our database. Here’s what we got:

1. University of Phoenix

2. Penn State University

3. Arizona State University

4. Texas A&M University

5. The Ohio State University

6. University of Washington

7. Michigan State University

8. Purdue University

9. University of Florida

10. New York University

Why this is cool.

There are a few differences: Purdue, University of Washington, The Ohio State University, and Texas A&M University are more popular schools nationwide, but not necessarily for marketers. The difference here shows that the initial list is actually a representation of schools that produce marketers, not just schools that produce more graduates overall (and thus also marketers.)

University of Washington and The Ohio State University were still popular among marketers in the Top 20. Purdue and Texas A&M fell outside the Top 20 for marketers.

To wrap it up, we’re trying something new a fun here. Want to play with some of this data on your own. Here you go. This file contains the top 5 schools for marketers in each state. If you find anything cool, let us know!

Want to get in a play with even more of our data on your own? Get started here.

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