The Week in Digital Marketing: Gaming Over Streaming, Data Privacy Laws, and a VOX SSP.



Show Notes

n this week’s data-driven marketing news: Americans choose gaming over streaming, more privacy rules in California, companies hide IP addresses, VOX launched an SSP, Meta tries to rebrand contextual advertising.
  • The average American gamer spends about $76 each month on gaming, according to a Pollfish survey of 1,000 participants ages 16-65. That adds up to about $912 per year, or $58,000 over the course of an average lifetime.  Publishers and advertisers must be ready to play ball with gaming audiences.
  • Technology platform 4D Sight announced beta testing for their in-game advertising program this week. Now, creators can insert advertisements into gaming environments without disrupting gameplay and streaming. Advertising options will include banners, videos, 3D product placements to start. 
  • Proposed regulations, released late last month by the California Privacy Protection Agency, would prohibit businesses from selling or sharing consumers’ information for purposes unrelated to its collection, without opt-in consent.
  • The U.K.’s Competition Market Authority announced it was investigating whether Google has broken the law by restricting competition in the digital advertising market. CMA is concerned Google may have favored its ad exchange services to curb competition.
  • In technology news, companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon have planned to mask IP addresses, the series of digits that identify a particular device, like a laptop or iPhone, on the internet.
  • Vox Media is launching its own supply-side platform to maximize the worth of its impressions.
  • MongoDB claims its new “Queryable Encryption” lets users search their databases while sensitive data stays encrypted. Oh, and its cryptography is open source. The tool, part of MongoDB 6.0, attempts to bridge academic cryptography findings and real-world environments so users can adopt the feature without needing advanced theoretical expertise.
  • Meta is reportedly developing new, privacy-friendly Facebook ads offering which would use a lot less user data for targeting.
  • Lotame analyzed the 2022 revenue impact from Apple’s privacy changes; they estimate the IDFA, a random device identifier assigned by the company to a user’s device, has a total impact on companies of about $16 billion—up 9% from previous estimates.

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