The Power of BYOD: Bring Your Own Data


Rocket Fuel

Here at NetWise, we’ve prided ourselves on delivering rocket fuel to company’s marketing machines for more than a decade. Just a few weeks ago, with the launch of our NetWise Audience Platform, we delivered more control over that fuel to B2B marketers than ever before. Now, companies aren’t just tapping into our data via major media buying platforms. They’re harnessing its power directly, bringing new visibility and opportunities to their organizations.

Mix your own Rocket Fuel

It’s incredible to see what companies can achieve when they take the time to explore what their own data can do when elevated through our leading multi-channel B2B data. At NetWise, we think of this as the power of BYOD: Bring Your Own Data.

These days, first-party customer data is the lifeblood of businesses, but that data can only go so far in unlocking new insights and opportunities. Its real strength is revealed when it’s partnered with high-quality, privacy-compliant B2B data sets that can bring new dimensions to the existing asset.

Rocket Fuel+

Through the NetWise Audience Platform, marketing teams can realize the power of BYOD first-hand. On a daily basis, we’re helping companies unlock new insights using the following data assets:

    • Technographic data: B2B marketers might have a list of company domains they want to target, but what they really need are direct lines to key decision makers at those companies. We can provide those.
    • Intent data: Knowing which companies are in-market for a given product is powerful. We can take that knowledge to the next level by revealing deeper insights into the people with intent to purchase and where they are in their consideration phase. 
    • Website visitors: The people who visit your website often represent the strongest leads for your business. We can tell you who they are and how to reach them most effectively. 
    • Unconverted leads: Have a list of strong leads who have been in touch with your company but have yet to convert? We can deliver personalized insights to up-level your marketing and communications to them. 

  • And so much more.

Try it!

When clients bring their data to NetWise, they can unlock its true potential through our industry-leading identity graph. And today, that’s easier than ever. 

Ready to tap into the power of BYO-Data? Click here to set up a demo.

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