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Enter Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) and martech tools have dramatically evolved over the last decade, giving way to sophisticated ABM platforms with omni-channel orchestration, multi-channel delivery, measurement, analytics and retargeting capabilities that were more commonly found in B2C advertising.

Here are the types of tools you should have in your martech stack, along with some of the leading players in the space.

Lead Generation

When we think about ABM, the first thing that comes to mind for many marketers is the ability to create a list of leads or companies that they should be targeting.

One of the most common lead-gen tools is the tech install data set for the technologies used by existing or potential customers. HG Insights is the premier tech install data provider, with lots of information about spend and the technologies used by companies. HG Insights provides a hyper-focused list of domains with scores that can be ranked to help marketers prioritize where they should focus their sales and marketing efforts.

A website visitor de-anonymization service is another way of creating a list of domains that should be targeted by sales and marketing efforts. This tool helps B2B marketers understand where its website visitors work. When someone visits, for example, they can use cookies, IP addresses, user agents and device IDs to define where a web visitor works and how they arrived at the website. KickFire (which was just acquired by IDG) and netFactor (which was purchased by Bombora) provide technologies that de-anonymize a user to a company.

Any marketer trying to do ABM should employ as many of these list-building capabilities as possible and examine the overlap to identify any web visitors who also appear in a specific tech install data set.

Intent Data

At its core, intent data is data gathered during online browsing that signals someone is in the market for a product. A pioneer in this area is Bombora, which uses search as its intent scoring system. As people browse specific publishers’ websites anonymously, Bombora identifies them as a company and assigns it a score based on criteria such as the content those anonymous visitors consumed online. Bombora’s output is a list of domains that can be fed into the sales and marketing teams’ lead pipeline.

Lookalikes: Once you have lists of companies that should be targeted, technologies can apply algorithms to create lookalikes, which increase their pool of potential targets. Rev (formerly LeadCrunch), for example, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to intake a list of existing customers and identify lookalikes to help companies prioritize which targets they should contact.

ABM platforms: These more complex orchestration tools provide a more holistic view of a B2B marketer’s efforts and incorporate multiple channels and capabilities, such as measurement, analytics and retargeting. These solutions rely on companies like NetWise  to provide the foundational data needed to create the B2B marketing workflow. The major platforms include 6senseRollWorksTerminusDemandbase and Merkle’s M1; demand-side platforms such as StackAdapt are also pushing into the B2B platform space.

How NetWise Fits In

NetWise amplifies all of these pieces of the martech stack by helping marketers easily create lists that they can target across any channel. Our data can be ported into any of the major ABM platforms, your CRM, marketing automation systems such as Eloqua or Marketo, directly into a Facebook account or shared with agencies. Since we power all of the different channels, we can take in whatever you’re already doing from an ABM perspective and can help you more effectively target across channels.

The Bottom Line

All B2B marketers should be using some level of ABM technology. I believe the ABM technologies with the lowest barrier to entry are a combination of a website visitor resolution service — such as Bombora’s Visitor Insights Tag, which identifies the companies that visit a website on a weekly basis — and a low-cost subscription to a company like NetWise, where you can take the basic list of domains and easily match those to our contact database. 

Once you identify key decision-makers at those companies perusing your website, you can take steps to get them into your marketing funnel. If you’re not targeting the companies that are visiting your website, you are leaving dollars on the table for someone else to grab.

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