Quickly Build Custom B2B Company Lists

Contact Decision Makersat your Target Companies , and reach them in Every Marketing Channel, using…

Our B2B Audience Data Platform

  • Customize Your Lists
    Find the exact companies you want to target using comprehensive firmographics and custom free text search.
  • Find Your Best Prospects
    Target Decision Makers, your ICP, Marketing Personas, or use your existing customer base to find lookalikes by title and experience.
  • Data From The Source
    We are the originator of our B2B Company Data and comprehensive ID-Graph. List brokers just license someone else’s data.
  • 98% Email Deliverability
    We’ve built the most sophisticated email validation system in the market. Email deliverability is guaranteed.
  • Multi-Channel Targeting
    Don’t stop at email! Reach your audience in any channel: Social, Programmatic, Email, Telemarketing, Postal, or CTV.
  • Any Ad or Mar-Tech Stack
    No matter what you use, our audience data works seamlessly with all sales, marketing, ad, and social platforms.

Build Dynamic Custom B2B Company Lists, and stop wasting time procuring & refreshing data.

Buying stagnant lists was the only way to find your customers ten years ago. Modern sales and marketing has changed dramatically in that time, and B2B Company Lists can now be dynamic data assets that make your business more efficient, rather than being a burden to purchase, maintain, and keep up to date.
NetWise’s B2B Audience Platform enables you to quickly search across all 28 million businesses in the US and over 100 million business professionals to find the exact target accounts you want to reach, and the right people to engage with.
Whether your marketing team is small and nimble or mature and complex, the ability to build and manage dynamic B2B Company Lists and Targeted Persona Driven Audiences enables your company to engage in truly data driven and multi-channel marketing, with ease never realized before.

How To Build B2B Company Lists & Multi-Channel Marketing Audiences on our B2B Audience Platform

1. Build Your Custom Company List

Search 28 Million US Businesses to build targeted company lists that perfectly match your target market. Stop relying on the limitations of prebuilt lists!

Filter companies using dozens of demographic and firmographic signals (like company size & revenue, SIC & NAICS, geography, and domains) as well as free text search of company names, job titles, descriptions, and industries serviced.

2. Find Your Ideal Buyers

Search 100 Million US Professionals to find the the perfect prospects at all the companies in your B2B Company List. Leverage hundreds of data points we maintain on our businesses and the people that work there.

Use your existing ICP (ideal customer profile), marketing or sales personas, or explore your market using our powerful data tools.

3. Activate Your Campaign!

Export your list to activate marketing campaigns across any channel, digital or offline, via any marketing platform!

To make your campaigns as easy as possible, our platform has preconfigured integration formats for every sales, marketing, and data platform.

Go from audience to ads in just a few minutes.

Build Your First Audience

Create your ideal prospect list to power your campaign in just a few minutes.

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Trusted by the Most Successful Marketers in the World

"NetWise is much more than just a data supplier to our business. They understand our business and work with us collaboratively to make sure we're getting the ROI we need. The NetWise team is data-savvy, and they bring a ton of expertise when called upon to answer any questions we have about the data. NetWise is always there to help meet our business needs."
Jason Matthes
"Compared to the other big name contact-level data providers in our stack, NetWise has multiple clear advantages. The first is the accuracy and breadth of data. Being able to rely on accurate data is crucial. The second is the UI. Attention to detail in the audience building UI has reduced minutes and hours from multiple points in the process compared to the other interfaces we use."
Logan Kelly
Union Resolute

Build Your First Audience

Create your ideal prospect list to power your campaign in just a few minutes.

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