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Affordable Rocket Fuel

The best data. The best value.

Unlimited seats. Unlimited social audiences. BYOD. 👍


Every Account Includes

  • Unlimited User Seats
  • Unlimited Social Audiences¹
  • Search 100MM B2B Contacts at 30MM Businesses in the USA
  • Access to our Business-to-Consumer ID-Graph
  • Load, Save, & Export Audiences
  • Bring Your Own Data (BYOD)
  • Manage Marketing Personas & Target Account Lists
  • Industry Compliance, Privacy, & Security



$ 999 /mo

+ $1,000 setup

For teams focussed on digital campaigns...

  • Execute Digital Campaigns Anywhere: Social, Programmatic, & CTV
  • Social Audiences: UNLIMITED¹ (up to $20k in media spend)
  • Programatic Audiences: $2.00-$2.50cpm
  • CTV (Connected TV): $2.50-3.00cpm
  • Audiences include HEMs (hashed emails), MAIDs (Mobile Device IDs), & Cookies (via integrations)



$ 1,999 /mo

+ $2,000 setup

Everything in the display package, plus...

  • 100,000 Multi-Channel Contacts (annually)²
  • Execute Multi-Channel Campaigns via Email, Phone, & Direct Mail
  • Programatic & CTV Audiences: $1.25-$1.50cpm
  • Audiences include: contact name, job title, company, business domain, email, phone, address, and more
  • Unified Offline & Digital Targeting



$ Custom /mo


Everything from our other packages, plus...

  • Unlimited Business & Contact Records, including Consumer Contacts
  • Custom Engineered Audiences, Data Acquisition, & Platform Integrations
  • License our complete Business & Contact Databases and our Business-to-Consumer ID-Graph
  • Power your Platform, CDP, DMP, DSP (including Data White-Labeling)
  • On-Call Audience Creation Experts

Rocket Fuel for your Marketing Machine

Reach the same person at work and at home, across every channel, on every device, via any sales or marketing platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

¹ How are Social Audiences billed at scale?

You can create as many social audiences as you'd like and execute campaigns of any size. When you reach a media spend of $20,000 (during the period of your annual contract), we bill additional audiences at a % of media spend.

² Can I increase my Multi-Channel record limit?

Yes! Multi-Channel contacts are limited by the pricing tier of your subscription, and you can always move to the next tier or make a bulk buy of contacts to add to your current limit.

Contact our sales team to discuss your volume needs. Pricing per record decreases substantially at scale.

What is BYO-Data?

Bring Your Own Data is a feature of the NetWise Audience Platform that allows you to upload company, account, and person lists to help you build, search, filter, and suppress custom audiences you build in your account.

Some examples include appending contacts to:

  • Intent Account Lists
  • Technographic Account Lists
  • Website Visitor Reports

Some other examples include:

  • Importing a list of your current customers from your CRM to suppress them from new audiences you create
  • Loading 1st party MAIDs from your app data to target those customers in other channels

Contact Sales to learn about ALL the different ways to leverage this unique and powerful capability of the NetWise Audience Platform.

Where can I activate digital audiences?

Audiences created using the NetWise Audience Platform can be activated across every channel, on every device, via any sales or marketing platform. This includes social sites, all DSPs, and any other location where you reach your customers or buy media.

What is the difference between Digital & Multi-Channel contacts?

Digital contacts are for use in Programattic, Social, and CTV. They consist of anonymized ids (like MAIDs, Hashed Emails, and Cookies), and do not contain any identifiable information about the contact. If you need other information for marketing, you can swap to a Multi-Channel account.

Multi-Channel contacts are for all other types of marketing like, phone, email, direct mail, etc... These records include the necessary information to contact these people, as well as demographic and firmographic information used for targeting and analysis.

Search & Targeting: Even though the Digital account tier cannot download any identifiable information about contacts, you can still always search, filter, and match on these fields. This means all audience targeting, audience creation, and functional analysis capabilities remain the same, no matter what account level you are on.

How is contact credit usage calculated?

We count each unique person record, exported or downloaded during a 90 day period as one record used in your account. You, or anyone on your team, can download that same record many times for many different audiences during that 90 day period without using any additional credits. This enables you to target the same person in multiple channels for the same price over the life of your campaigns. We don't believe in double billing you.

For example, if you download one audience with 100 people in it, and then a second audience with 100 people (within 90 days), and 50 of the people overlap the first audience, then you will only be charged 150 record credits.

Individual records are tracked for their 90 day usage period from the first time they are downloaded until 90 days expires. Contact sales for more information.

Do unused records roll over from year to year?


We don't want to charge you for data you are not using. For this reason, unused records roll over so you can use them when you renew your account, annually.

If you find you are not reaching your record limit, you can move your account to a lower level when you renew your contract, and keep your rollover records.

Privacy, Security, & Compliance

NetWise is GDPR, CCPA, and OBA compliant. We abide by the self-regulating guidelines of IAB, DMA, NAI & DAA, and employ 3rd party reviews of our security and data quality.

I'm an agency, lead-gen firm, or I represent many potential advertisers. Can I still use the NetWise Audience Platform?

Absolutely. In fact, these are some of our most successful customers.

Pricing and usage limits are different when you are creating audiences on behalf of your customers. Contact our sales team to learn about your options.