The Industry’s Most Powerful B2B Data

High quality, multi-sourced, business & person data.

Collected from 1st party sources.

Backed by a complete B2B-to-Consumer ID Graph.

Our Domestic (USA) Data Universe

NetWise is continually analyzing information on every aspect of Domestic (USA) & Global Businesses & Business Professionals. We maintain current information with hundreds of the most commonly needed data elements for salesmarketingadvertising, and data science. Additionally, we sit on raw input data, unstructured text, and a vast array of other data that enable all manner of unique insights into your market.

Our Domestic (USA) B2B Data Universe

50 Billion Raw Company Datapoints. Domains, Locations, SIC/NAICS, Revenue, Employees, Tech Install, Purchase Intent, Firmographics…


10 Billion Raw Company Datapoints. Company, Title, Functional Area, Seniority, B2B Email, Phone, Address…


25 Billion Raw Company Datapoints. Name, Address, Email, Phone, IP Address, Opt In…


Professional Personas linked to Consumer Personas
Billions of ID Graph Edges (functional data connections)


Functional Area, Seniority, Decision Maker, Normalized Industry, High Net Worth…
Infinite Custom Segments opportunities


Age, Education, Language, Affluent Families, High Net Worth Individuals, Luxury Travelers…

NetWise’s B2B-to-Consumer ID Graph

We link billions of records to accurately connect professional and consumer personas allowing unprecedented reach for your B2B campaigns, whether you’re calling, emailing, or advertising digitally. No other B2B data provider comes close to the functionality enabled by our proprietary in-house Business-to-Consumer ID Graph, available as part of our comprehensive Data Licensing Products.

NetWise’s B2B-to-Consumer ID Graph


Data Sourcing

Millions of unique commercially and publicly available 1st party data sources aggregated into one unified system.

State and federal business filings, company websites, job descriptions, job postings, social websites, business directories, and more.

Consumer data is specifically opted-in for third-party sharing and targeted sales, marketing, & advertising.

Data Ownership

We are the original producer of our B2B data products creating our database primarily from unique 1st party sources.

We have unrestricted rights to use and sell our B2B data products.

Our business model does not rely on revenue share with suppliers allowing flexible licenses and partnershipsIn house engineering and data science teams design and build every aspect of our data products.

Data Quality & Freshness

Our B2B Data is 6-12 months fresher than most data aggregators and resellers because we are the OEM. Consistency and accuracy via strict and continuous QA procedures, backed by manual oversight and unit testing.

Multi-sourced supply chain with comprehensive deduplication.

Continuous flow of new and refreshed data into our systems with complete quarterly rebuilds of production data

Our Global Data Universe

Our primary focus is data about United States’ businesses and business-persons with a secondary focus on Global information. We maintain business-level data for every region on Earth, including GDPR regulated countries. We DO NOT, however, collect or analyze any data on PERSONS regulated by GDPR.


Domains, Locations, SIC/NAICS, Business Segments, Firmographics…


Company, Title, B2B Email, Phone Address, Our Complete B2B Segment Taxonomy…

Your Perfect Audience, in Minutes

NetWise lets you explore our complete B2B Database to easily build the perfect custom audience. Our B2B2C ID-Graph lets you reach prospects across every channel, on every device, via every platform you want to use. Whether calling, emailing, or advertising, your campaigns will perform better when you reach your ideal decision makers at the right businesses, at work and at home.

Our Audience App offers you comprehensive and flexible customization of B2B Audiences via hundreds of business and person data points. No other data provider ,and no other audience platform, allows the same focussed targeting while still maintaining expansive reach.

License Our Entire Audience Database & B2B2C ID-Graph

License all the business and consumer data that we maintain for any Sales, Marketing, Advertising, or Data Science need, via our comprehensive Data Licensing Products. We own all our data and provide flexible contracting terms whether you’re a Brand, Agency, Platform, Data Provider, or other.

Frequently asked questions

From where do you collect your Business and Person Information?

We collect data from millions of unique commercially and publicly available sources including, state and federal business filings, company websites, job descriptions, job postings, social websites, business directories, and more. Our data collection is an important part of our business IP and strategy, and we typically do not reveal any further details. This vast quantity of data is then distilled down to high-quality business and business person records at a large scale with high levels of multi-source validation and comprehensive deduplication. No other company is able to combine the number of high-quality input vectors and frequency of data refreshes that NetWise makes available.

How accurate is your data?

This answer depends largely on your use case and the specific information or data that you need. We maintain strict quality metrics for all our data products and we can answer any specific questions, explicitly, if you contact us directly. We have been providing B2B data to the primary martech/adtech platforms, technology companies, major brands, and advertising agencies for almost a decade. We know our quality meets the needs of almost 100% of customers that test it. Generically speaking, NetWise employs strict and continuous QA procedures beginning with our data collection, continuing throughout every step of data analysis and processing, and finally before export to our customers and channel partners. This QA process is enhanced by our multi-sourced supply chain, providing many vectors for increased quality and accuracy, and is further backed by both manual oversight and unit testing throughout the production process.

How are NetWise’s Digital Advertising Segments created?

NetWise generates comprehensive and deterministic B2B segments using current job titles, company firmographics, and other self-declared business-related attributes like skills, education, certifications, etc. This is accomplished by analyzing publicly available information and data created directly by persons in our dataset. These data features are often multi-source validated across our compiled data. Segments are deterministic, based on foundational information and never modeled unless explicitly indicated. All our underlying data is available for your projects, and your segment questions can be answered explicitly if you contact us directly.

How fresh and current is your data?

Fresh data flows into our business weekly and is promptly tested for quality and consistency before being staged for inclusion into our core systems. Our full production file of persons and businesses is entirely refreshed quarterly with the most current information. Depending on the customer needs and the specific data requested, we can deliver updates as frequently as weekly, with custom segments available on demand.

How does NetWise comply with industry standards and regulations?

NetWise strives to maintain compliance with all applicable data privacy rules and regulations. We abide by the self-regulating guidelines of the IAB, DMA, NAI and DAA have appointed an internal Data Protection Officer (DPO) who is a licensed attorney in California and runs our compliance division. Our DPO monitors new, dynamic, and upcoming relevant regulations such as the CCPA, and ensures our ongoing compliance with all applicable data privacy rules and regulations.

Does NetWise engage 3rd parties for Security and/or Compliance Reviews?

We work with 3rd party compliance and security teams to make sure we meet the quality and privacy needs of our customers and industry. You can read our 3rd party audit from BPA Worldwide which reviewed our architecture, processes, logic, and security, as well as data sourcing, quality, and accuracy. This report is available upon request.

Can you create Custom Advertising Segments?

We regularly work with customers to generate and activate custom segments. These can be created in many different ways using our standard production data or using billions of data points that are behind the scenes in our systems, and always ready for analysis. We are experts at extracting intelligence from our data and making it useful for your specific business need.Contact us to discuss your specific custom audience, campaign, or segment.

What regions does your data cover?

Our primary focus is data about United States’ businesses and business-persons with a secondary focus on Global information. We maintain data on businesses for every region on Earth, including GDPR regulated countries. We DO NOT, however, collect or analyze any data on PERSONS regulated by GDPR.

Does NetWise data comply with CCPA?

NetWise is fully compliant with all CCPA regulations.

Does NetWise data comply with GDPR?

NetWise complies with all applicable GDPR regulations. We DO NOT, however, compile, analyze, or sell information on persons from countries subject to GDPR. We DO, however, maintain business-level information for all countries.

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