NetWise’s new Audience Data Platform: A direct line to deep B2B insights, 10 years in the making


Here at NetWise, we’ve been a foundational contributor to the advertising industry for more than a decade, helping to power the majority of business data across all of ad tech and martech. We’re a leading provider of true multi-channel B2B marketing data to brands, agencies, platforms, sales and marketing professionals, and data science teams across industries. Yet to date, we’ve played largely behind the scenes, serving as the data industry’s little-known superpower.

Until today, that is. (Maybe you already caught the scoop in MediaPost?)

Today, we’re bringing the power of our data directly to the people who need it most: B2B marketers. 

The thing is, most B2B marketers already use NetWise’s data, even if they don’t know it. If they’ve been buying data or data-driven media through any of the major platforms, those platforms have likely been buying from us. But now, marketers can buy directly from us thanks to today’s launch of the NetWise Audience Platform.

In a post-cookie world, marketers are looking to get closer to their data. That’s what we deliver with the NetWise Audience Platform. 

The NetWise Audience Platform enables any marketing team—no matter how big or small, simple or sophisticated—to execute well-targeted marketing campaigns across every platform in every channel. Once a company has signed up with NetWise, the Platform enables that company to analyze, build, and execute on complex, custom, and targeted audiences whenever it wants. This level of mastery over business marketing data was previously only available to large companies that could afford expensive teams of engineers and analysts. 

Originally, we built the NetWise Audience Platform for our own internal use only, as a means of better packaging the audiences our customers wanted. But once we started using it, we found it so easy to use that we realized it would benefit our customers as well. That’s why we decided to make it more widely available. Our beta-testing partners have found it quite helpful, as with this full-scale rollout, we’re excited to know that others will too. 

The NetWise Audience Platform offers a number of features, including:

  • The ability to search 100 million B2B contacts at 30 million U.S. businesses
  • Access to NetWise’s business-to-consumer ID graph
  • Unlimited user seats
  • Unlimited social audiences
  • The ability to load, save and export audiences as desired 

And it’s all available in a highly intuitive user interface, ensuring that every marketer has the power to transform themselves into a data analyst. 

Want to start tapping into the power of the new NetWise Audience Platform today? Click here.

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