NetWise Partners With Union Resolute to Provide Highest-Quality B2B Data


NetWise Partners With Union Resolute to Provide Highest-Quality B2B Data

BOCA RATON, FL — Users of Union Resolute’s multi-channel B2B sales engine can now target leads more effectively, thanks to a partnership the company announced with NetWise today. 

Under the terms of the deal, NetWise has partnered with Union Resolute to provide the highest quality B2B targeting data for multi-channel campaigns. This data, provided via NetWise’s platform, enables Union Resolute to reach target audiences more effectively. Included in the partnership, Union Resolute is also generating high-quality leads for NetWise. 

“Compared to the other big-name contact-level data providers in our stack, Netwise has multiple clear advantages,” said Union Resolute Director of Strategy Logan Kelly. “The first is the accuracy and breadth of NetWise’s data. The second is NetWise’s UI. Attention to detail in the audience-building UI has reduced minutes and hours from multiple points in the process compared to the other interfaces we use.” 

“We look forward to making the latest B2B data more accessible to all Union Resolute customers,” said NetWise CEO Dwight Gorall. “Each of their customers will now have easy access to the NetWise B2B audience database, and will be better able to reach their sales goals.”  

Marketers who work with Union Resolute will now be able to analyze, build, and execute on complex, custom, and targeted audiences whenever they want in an effective and privacy-compliant way. 

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