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The Core Data

US Business Locations
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US Business Persons
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Business to Consumer
Multi-Channel Linkages
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Business Locations with a Person
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Highly Deliverable US B2B Emails
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US Consumer Persons
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What is The ID Graph?

Modern blended lifestyles make the right audience harder to reach than ever. The NetWise ID Graph is the solution. We link billions of records to accurately connect professional and consumer personas allowing unprecedented reach for your B2B campaigns, whether you’re calling, emailing, or advertising digitally.

Multi-Channel Audience Targeting Data

The solution at the core of the NetWise ID Graph is a multi-channel, multi-touchpoint, identity dataset.

Business to Business to Consumer Linkages

The Graph ties business and consumer data together (B2B2C) to create the most complete, interlinked, web of multi-channel B2B audience targeting data available. 

Start from scratch, or by uploading and enriching existing first party data: business or consumer.

The Software

This data is all processed through our proprietary ID Graph software to generate audiences tailored to any marketing or sales use case.

Limitless Use Cases

Reach Expansion

Increase digital a social visibility into your Total Addressable Marketing.

Targeting Precision

Personalize audience messaging and campaign targeting.

360 Audience View

Maximize penetration to customer and prospect universe.

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Use our platform, powered
by the best data in the world.

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