How to Target Your Ideal Customer


A common question a lot of people ask when it comes to building the perfect marketing campaign is how to target your ideal customers and know you are reaching the right audience for your message and product. While obtaining this information from your own research is a start, most companies need professional data analytics help, based on real market data. That’s where NetWise comes in.

NetWise is the leading provider of B2B Audience Data to sales, marketing, and data science teams; companies, large and small; brands, agencies, and platforms. We maintain the industry’s most complete and accurate  B2B Business and Contact database, which we make available through our self serve web application. This gives you the tools and expertise needed to analyze your markets and identify the right audiences to target.

To get started, upload a list of the companies you want to target, or start prospecting for accounts right inside our app. Once you have established your target accounts for a particular campaign, you can focus on the personas you want to target with your outreach. Our app enables you to target the decision-makers at your customer list more specifically than anywhere else, allowing you to go deeper with your campaigns. Identify people by their job function, seniority, locations, skills, and even keywords in their titles.

When you use the NetWise Platform, you will get a detailed understanding of an audience’s make-up and size, which helps you better understand the scale your campaigns can achieve, whether sending emails or running programmatic ads. Once you finalize your audience, our app allows you to target your customers across every sales and marketing channel which is unique in the industry. Reach the same person at work and at home, across every channel, on every device, via any sales or marketing platform. True Multi-Channel campaigns have never been more accessible.

Start targeting the right people with NetWise! Reach your audience in ways never before possible leveraging the intelligence built into our data platform. We take care of the heavy lifting and data wrangling, so all your campaigns are focused and reach the right prospects! For more information or any questions regarding B2B data, please contact us. 

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