How to Crush it on Amazon Without Wasting Your Advertising Budget ft. Brian R. Johnson



Show Notes

Amazon DSP Expert, Brian R. Johnson, joined Adam and Mark in the Data Basement recently. Brian has nearly two decades of experience as a pay-per-click advertising and conversion strategist, brand architect, and overall eCommerce geek. As an award-winning advertiser and trusted partner to tens of thousands of brands across the globe, Brian is considered one of the pre-eminent thought leaders in the eCommerce and Amazon strategy space. 
He is also the Co-founder of Canopy Management marketing agency which leverages it’s experience from across the Amazon industry to help brands scale their businesses and gain market share. The agency has grown to 65 employees across 7 countries and continue to double each year.
  • Amazon advertising is a thing. Across all marketplaces, they continue to roll out their advertising platform. They do a great job of getting new products in front of customers.
  • Brian has helped over 20K brands on Amazon sell over $1B of products on Amazon.
  • Amazon knows a lot about your buying behavior. They have a pretty robust 1st party database.
  • Amazon’s algorithms have gotten so good, they can choose different types ads based on what their confidence level is of the buying decision of the shopper in their search that day, based on past history, time of day and similar shoppers before them.
  • If consumers have too many choices, they may not make a decision; they can’t wrap their head around the amount of options. List optimization comes into play here to grab the eye of the shopper.
  • Products need to stand out from the competition. 
  • Consumers need to be hooked within 5 seconds. 
  • If you increase engagement of shoppers, you’re pulling them away from competition and keeping them on product detail page by hooking them into benefits to them. This will increase conversion rate which increases profitability and effectiveness of the advertising.
  • However much you spend in sourcing your product, including cost of getting it to an Amazon warehouse, is the amount of money you should spend on your launch and advertising.


Episode Transcript

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