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US Contacts, Companies and Firmographics Database

B2B Omnichannel Files

~42MM "full" business card records combined with information on ~8MM company records for omnichannel marketing.

Our records are produced using billions of records from dozens of data sources including: direct user and company verified data, industry partner files, online and offline directory aggregation, and data validation using third party services, web scraping, and social media.

Because of the many-source-validation we perform, we believe our data is now some of the most complete and most accurate in the industry.

We ship full files and can also enrich existing files.

B2B Onboarding Files and Cookies

~280 firmographic and demographic segments for digital advertising matched to over 100 million cookies and 120 million mobile device IDs.

We can deliver cookies or a file for onboarding. Examples of available audiences:

  • Demographics: Functional Area, High Net Wealth Individuals, Age, Language
  • Firmographics: Company Size, Company Revenue, Industry
  • Manufacturing: Products Manufactured, Certifications, Government Suppliers
  • Technologies Installed: CRM, Cloud Computing, Data Center, Marketing Performance Management

Manufacturing Companies DB

NetWise Data owns and maintains the most comprehensive manufacturing dataset available.

We track over 40,000 individual products and 800,000 companies including OEMs, manufacturers, distributors and value added resellers.

This data can be purchased at the domain (company) or contact level.

Note: This file is meant for customers looking for granular product information, see our high level manufacturing segments for digital and offline use.

Consumer Targeting

"IRS Wealth 360" Zip4 Consumer Tax Segments

This unique dataset is unparalleled in accuracy and scale - 40 segments built using consumer tax return data sourced from the IRS. Target super high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, investors and more. NetWise IRS Wealth 360 segments can be matched with incredible precision and scale due to the unique nature of the underlying data which comprises 144M households anonymized to the zip4 level (there are 42M zip4s).

Risk & Collections Services

Stop searching, start collecting

Locate assets and reach the right people in record time with NetWise Data’s technologically advanced, cost-effective data solutions. Serving the commercial and consumer collections industries, we offer flexible delivery models, knowledgeable support and detailed reporting. Static encryption of all data meets the highest security and compliance standards, and we have pricing options to meet every budget. 

Call (561) 409-0570 to see if you qualify for a FREE trial!


Our flat-rate subscription-based program takes transactional POE to a new level and puts power in your hands to locate your debtors. This product is truly a deal for higher volume or ongoing collection needs.

We use alternative data from thousands of sources to return POE name, phone and if available:

  • Bank account information
  • Mobile or additional phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Date Stamp – receipt of record



Our manually verified consumer and business bank product locates banking assets and active or attachable accounts for legal collections. We access public, private and proprietary databases with specialized intelligence software to find a debtor’s or company’s financial assets.

We verify and return:

  • Name, DOB, SSN or EIN
  • Open, active accounts
  • Type of account (checking, savings, brokerage)
  • Branch location and phone
  • Balance(s)
  • Amount and date of last deposit
  • Multiple accounts, if available


Our fully documented, manually verified (100% US) incarceration solution meets all Department of Education (ED) compliance requirements. We have a robust database of incarcerated individuals updated daily and we manually verify all hits. INCAR is among the most reliable and accurate solutions available in the industry, consistently outperforming competitors in head-to-head tests. NO HIT NO FEE

Our incarceration data product includes the following verified, fully documented information:

  • First and last name, address and date of birth
  • Associated required institution documentation
  • Written letters of verification when required
  • 24/7 customer service

We also provide customized incarceration data available via subscription pricing.

Social Network Reports

People want to be found by friends and colleagues on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites, so they reveal location, activity and employment information that can be very valuable to your investigations. However, sifting through online activity for relevant bits of information could take you weeks per target.

Save money and time and enhance your investigations with NetWise Data’s social media product. Via API, we’ll deliver a comprehensive list of profile URLs associated with your subject so you can evaluate their online identities. Or, via batch, we can return potential employer and right-party contact data. 

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