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About NetWise

NetWise is the leading provider of true Multi-Channel B2B Marketing Data, to Brands, Agencies, Platforms, Sales & Marketing professionals, and Data Science teams. Our data products help power the majority of business data across all of Ad & Mar-Tech

Data & Technology

NetWise uses world-class, highly-scalable, cloud-based technology to deliver unique B2B Audience Data products to its customers and partners. We are one of the most trusted and reliable data companies in the advertising industry, supporting many of the biggest brands and platforms in the world.
Our B2B Data Products enable true multi-channel marketing allowing you to target the same audience across all marketing channels in every platform you want to use. Our proprietary B2B-to-Consumer ID Graph means you reach the same person everywhere and every time. And, we provide the greatest audience reach in industry, period.
  • 100MM Global Businesses
  • 300MM Global Business Persons
  • 30MM U.S. Businesses
  • 100 MM U.S. Business Persons
  • 250MM Opted in U.S. Consumer Persons
  • 70MM Consumer to Business Linkages
  • 500+ Standard Taxonomical B2B Segments
  • 150+ Standard Taxonomical Consumer Segments
  • Custom Segments: NetWise can quickly turn around custom audiences and activate them anywhere you want to reach your future customers.​

Data Collection

We collect data from millions of unique commercially and publicly available sources including, state and federal business filings, company websites, job descriptions, job postings, social websites, business directories, and more. This vast quantity of data is then distilled down to high-quality business and business person records at a large scale, with high levels of multi-source validation and comprehensive deduplication. No other company is able to combine the number of high-quality input vectors and frequency of data refreshes that NetWise makes available.

Security, Compliance, and Privacy Standards

NetWise strives to maintain compliance with all applicable data privacy rules and regulations in our industry. We abide by the self-regulating guidelines of the IAB, DMA, NAI and DAA. BPA Worldwide performs an annual audit on our business reviewing our architecture, processes, logic, and security, as well as data sourcing, quality, and accuracy. This report is available upon request.

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