Data fuels today’s businesses. Shouldn’t you be using rocket fuel?


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Rocket Fuel

Today’s most successful companies are data-driven to their core. They use data to understand their customers, improve their customer experiences, understand the ROI of their efforts, evolve their products, and continually evaluate the market for new opportunities. But, they also recognize that success isn’t just about data. It’s about the right data. 

Data provides the fuel for today’s top brands and companies, but not all data is created equal. Your results have everything to do with the quality of the fuel you’re putting in the tank. In other words, your data dictates whether your business and its marketing purrs along like a high-precision performance engine or sputters along like an aging jalopy.

Here at NetWise, we take our role as a fuel provider seriously. For our part, we specialize in providing the rocket fuel of data—the high-potency combustible that can propel companies and their marketing campaigns into a new level of orbit.

So, what does data as rocket fuel look like?

Here at NetWise, we put quality and potency at the forefront of our B2B business data collection and quality assurance processes. To compile our highly scalable offering, we collect data from millions of unique commercially and publicly available sources, including state and federal business filings, company websites, job descriptions, job postings, social websites, business directories, and more. This vast quantity of data is then distilled down to high-quality business and businessperson records based on rigorous multi-source validation and comprehensive deduplication efforts. No other company is able to combine the number of high-quality input vectors and frequency of data refreshes that NetWise makes available. That’s what we’re talking about when we’re talking about data potency.

That said, effective fuel must also be clean fuel—free of contaminants. That’s why NetWise employs strict and continuous QA procedures. Those procedures begin with our data collection, continue throughout every step of data analysis and processing, all the way to when it’s exported to our customers and channel partners. This QA process is enhanced by our multi-sourced supply chain, providing many vectors for increased quality and accuracy, and is further backed by both manual oversight and unit testing throughout the production process.

That said, even when it comes to high-potency rocket fuel, different rockets call for different types of fuel.

What type of rocket fuel makes sense for your business?

There are multiple forms of fuel that can propel a rocket off the Earth, and the type used—solid or liquid—will depend on the type of rocket being powered. For example, solid fuel provides immense thrust and, once ignited, will burn until it runs out. Liquid fuel, on the other hand, provides less thrust but can be more easily regulated and adjusted over the course of a flight.

Data is the same way, providing both raw power and the ability for control, depending on your needs. Here at NetWise, our data can power a wide array of use cases. That includes the raw power of highly scaled activations across every channel, from direct mail to connected TV, as well as the nuance and control of sophisticated custom audiences tailored to very specific campaign goals. We do this by providing the industry’s most complete B2B Audience Data, backed by our proprietary B2B-to-Consumer ID Graph.

What’s important to note is that, no matter the type of fuel, the potency and cleanliness of our fuel remain of the highest caliber. And importantly, we’ve got a highly efficient fuel pump in place, in the form of our B2B Audience Platform


Are you ready to power your business with rocket fuel? Let’s talk.  🚀

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