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Google made headlines in June of this year by announcing it had delayed its ban of third-party cookies on Chrome, from 2022 to sometime in 2023. When that day finally comes it will be the end of the third-party cookie as we know it, with all other internet browsers already having removed them from their systems long ago.

While Google’s delay might come as a relief for the unprepared, much of the Ad and MarTech industries say they are already prepared to move on from the cookie tracking era. Some have been ready for years now. After all, cookies were never really meant to be used in complex and convoluted programmatic ad systems in the first place.

It’s just a matter of waiting for Google to pull the trigger and move on. So, why the delay? What would happen if Google suddenly decided to drop all third-party cookies today? How would it, and the rest of the digital marketing and advertising landscapes, be impacted?

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