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Why Your Data is Keeping You From Growing Your Business

NetWise Dec 16, 2020 7:04:00 PM

b2b-id-graph-customer-964x964Are you sitting there wondering how you have so much potential customer data, and yet you still aren’t seeing the business growth you desire? Rest assured, this is a common issue among many businesses.

Creating large audiences from B2B Data is a common request, but what’s critical in the process is pulling THE CORRECT audience for your marketing campaign. This audience is going to fill your funnel with hot leads, and grow your business. Here at NetWise, we have data experts that will help you strategically grow your business through smart B2B Audience Data decisions!

One of the biggest problems businesses face with customer data stems from not maintaining accurate data within their CRM. Your CRM platform needs regular cleansing (and probably expansion) in order to be able to reach the right customers. Many businesses also face issues through the use of contact providers who produce broad, unfocussed, or inaccurate lists. Buying generic lists puts your business in front of many people, but not the right people, and wastes your marketing time and dollars. 

At NetWise, we take your audience and campaign needs and bring them to the next level within our B2B Audience Data, B2B-to-Consumer ID Graph, and B2B Audience UI. Together, these serve as a central B2B data repository that allows you to analyze your market, update or append old customer information you’re already sitting on, and create new specialized audiences for all your targeted campaigns.

NetWise’s ID Graph turns the known pieces of information about your potential customers into an expanded view of the buyer, their company, and everyone else on the buying decision committee. This enables your team to recognize customers, know their history, needs, and interests – then, targeting your campaigns across every channel your customers are in reaps the greatest rewards. No other B2B data provider comes close to the functionality enabled by our proprietary in-house Business-to-Consumer ID Graph, powered by our unique and comprehensive B2B Audience Data, all accessible in real-time, though our B2B Audience UI. 

Our advice to you - be organized, deliberate, and specific with your data. Get creative with your technology and coordinate your messaging across all your platforms. Once you discover what works for one channel you can modify that format and messaging to find more success, with less effort, through other channels.

Amplify your messaging and break through the noise by leveraging Multi-Channel marketing and B2B Audience Data that delivers.

Reach the right person, at the right time, in the right place - with NetWise.

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