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Use Netwise for Custom Facebook or Linkedin Targeting

Adam J Kerpelman Mar 19, 2021 7:52:20 PM

With the new norm of everyone working from home and multitasking on many connected devices, we are all trying to find our customers in a sea of noise. How are you targeting your potential customers via all channels and media?

NetWise customers are already leveraging our B2B to Consumer ID Graph, to access the contact data they need, in the formats required, and to activate them in Social Media and Programmatic platforms.  This is a key ingredient for multi-channel marketing.

Follow along as we answer the biggest trending question, from small, mid-market, and Fortune 100 companies: 

How do I market to my prospects and customers on Facebook and Linkedin?

The key is to start with fresh, compliant prospect data, searchable by persona attributes. (This is what Netwise can provide.) Then you’ll need to import that data into Facebook and Linkedin. Here we’ll tell you how.

First, you need the right data in the required formats:

Both Linkedin and Facebook offer “Custom Audience” list imports to target exact contacts to which you may be targeting via other channels



For Facebook - they require up to three Hashed (encrypted) emails for each person, which then are used to match to a Facebook ID (more email choices will equal a higher match and onboarding rate)


For Linkedin, the template includes fields like --  email, firstname, lastname, jobtitle, employeecompany, country  -- with those exact headers


Building your Audience using the NetWise Audience Data Platform - how it works.

  1. You can build an audience starting with your known target companies list (Bring Your Own Data). If you don’t start with a company list, you would need to start out with different prospecting objectives to grow your funnel. Whether it be your pixel or some kind of customer file/lead-based campaign.
    1. Then filter persons based on many contact attributes; or the Platform allows you to query companies by firmographic attributes (like Geo, Rev, employee counts, industries and sub-industries, and keywords), and then add filters for personas, like Function, Sub-Function, level/seniority, geo, and keywords.  Once you like the scope and make-up of the audience, you can save it.
    2. The next step is to create a Custom Layout (the persona and company fields you want to export).  There are standard Facebook and Linkedin templates layout to select to make this easy.
    3. Then export the file in a CSV format, required by Facebook and Linkedin. 
  2. Work on specific messaging to target your ideal personas. Your message must communicate to the specific personas you are trying to reach.

Upload the file to Facebook

  • Log on to Facebook Ads Manager
  • Navigate to All Tools and expand the Menu
  • Select Audiences and from there create a Custom Audience

  • Select Customer File, upload your CSV File

  • Map Column Identifiers (First Name, Last Name, Email, etc.)

  • Import & Create
  • You’re Done! It was that easy! 

Linkedin Audience and Campaign Activation

Upload the file to LinkedIn.

  • Go to Campaign Manager
  • Under Account Assets, Select "Create Audiences"

  • Under "Upload a List", Select "Company/Contact"

  • Select your CSV File & Upload

NetWise is here to help you create and build audiences to reach your perfect target market, using our new NetWise Audience Data Platform.  Still looking for a provider to help you build your Marketing Strategy, pipeline and revenue growth?  Contact Netwise today. We can help you reach your business goals.