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Recording Remotely on "The Data-Driven Marketer" Podcast

T. Brian Jones Jun 18, 2021 1:08:29 PM

Adam and I live in different cities, but that doesn’t stop us from co-hosting "The Data-Driven Marketer." The setup we've refined allows us to record high quality, uncompressed, multi-track audio so no one sounds like a VOIP robot, but we still get to hang out on video chat while we record. (We’ve realized after much testing that seeing each other has a hugely positive impact on the feeling and flow of conversations.)


  1. A quiet room: Preferably with lots of soft things in it like sofas and carpets.
  2. A stable internet connection
  3. A computer
  4. A microphone: Connected to your computer. USB is the easiest. If you don’t have this, skip to #6. Do not worry!
  5. AND, headphones: Connected to your computer. You’ll want headphones to hear us. The mic will pick up sounds from your speakers if you don’t use headphones. If you don’t have an external mic, skip to #6. Do not worry!
  6. OR, a pair of earbuds WITH a mic: Connected to your computer. The inexpensive or factory earbuds that came with your phone will get the job done. Ideally, you should not use the built in microphone on your computer, as it will usually produce very poor audio.
  7. A Zencastr Link: Here’s the real magic. We’ll provide this in an email ahead of time. You’ll load it in a browser on your computer to record that sweet sweet uncompressed audio while we chat away.


  1. Get some water, a soda, or a beer. Talking a lot can make your throat scratchy.
  2. Get cozy in your quiet space. It’s ok if some sounds drop in, or people  or pets stop by briefly. It’s easy to clean up in post, but no bouzouki players.
  3. Load the Zencastr link we provide in your computer web browser and enter your name.
  4. Plug in your headphones/mic. We should all hear each other and be ready to record.
  5. We typically chat for 10-15 minutes before we start recording. This lets us catch up, get comfy, and discuss the topic a bit before we lay down a sick track. Once we feel some stoke in the conversation, we will kick off the recording and let the magic happen.

Tips for our Guests

  • The only real rule of "The Data-Driven Marketer" Podcast is this: Have Fun!
  • We do this because we’re excited about the practice, technology, and philosophy behind modern marketing and business. We talk about serious, sometimes heavy stuff, but we don’t want the conversation to feel that way. You can still have fun while talking about serious stuff. That’s our goal. Bring all the excitement you’d like, crack jokes, laugh at yourself, laugh at us, laugh at the world, and don’t worry about how you sound. You are great!
  • We try to produce a podcast that sounds like a single conversation, but that’s just trickery, we edit every episode. If you want another take at something you just said, go for it! Same goes for grand points we make together. The best nuggets often come from the conversational teamwork when we didn’t expect it.
  • If you say something you don’t like and want us to cut it, just let us know. We want you to be excited and comfortable with what we produce.