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Reaching B2B Audiences: The Challenge is the Opportunity

NetWise Mar 4, 2021 2:50:40 PM

Historic Challenges, Historic Opportunities

B2B Marketers are living in unique times in terms of both Marketing “challenges” and Marketing “opportunities”, but looking at this as a split may not be the best frame. In actuality, the new opportunities are found within the challenges.  Let’s talk about B2B audiences and how Marketers reach them with messages - particularly aimed at a custom target list.  Most B2B campaigns have been based on email marketing and inbound lead generation via SEM/SEO and clicks from content published in places target audiences may gather.

What has changed?  Business persons are working from home and virtually, which means they are using a home or “starbucks” IP connection to access the Internet - that makes them less identifiable via a company domain.  Concurrently, there is a greater need than ever for workers to blend their personal and professional lives. To do this effectively, they stay connected on multiple devices and interchangeably use business, social, entertainment, and specific consumer and business apps to manage life. 

Blended Lifestyles

Here are a few noteworthy insights about these remote and blended lifestyle phenomena:

The takeaway is that new business-consumer behaviors are opening up connection avenues heretofore unavailable to Marketers.  These changes are likely here to stay, and so are the inherent marketing opportunities.

This may sound like an audience fragmentation problem, but that’s only true if there is no concorded method to reach the same person no matter where they are connected.  Thus - the opportunity!  It’s a Marketer’s dream to be able to identify a unique Business Person and be able to reach them throughout the day, in the connected places they visit, and with messages that are relevant to the Marketer’s brand and the target persona, but also to the media in which the ad or message is presented.  The opportunity just got better.

Who is your B2B Audience?

A starting point for many marketers is to identify their Total Addressable Market for their business or a product. Marketers have solved this task in various ways, including applying Intent or Technographic insights data solutions, analyzing in-house CRM data, website visitor data, or to simply identify lookalike companies.  From there, the task becomes identifying contacts who match the Marketer’s ideal target personas. These methods help create the “Who” we want to target with our campaigns.

Now we arrive at the crux of the Opportunity - how to resolve person IDs across channels, devices and media - to get my message in front of them in the right place and at the right time. The “How.”

Biggest Opportunity For Reaching B2B Audiences

When we say connected, we are referring to an audience that is using internet connected devices and internet delivered apps and services.  Connectivity has been a turning point for B2B marketing, but only if there is connectivity across multiple channels for the same audience.

Each device has a unique device ID, therefore, it represents an identifiable touchpoint. Each Social Media app uses consumer emails as the user ID.  That ID data is organized into an ID Graph.  This is a derived and correlated data asset that companies like NetWise have assembled at scale and with accuracy.

The NetWise B2B2C ID Graph, for instance, is utilized by some of the largest audience onboarders for Programmatic Display campaigns, and by brands who use Social Media custom audience capabilities, such as Facebook Ad Manager and Linkedin Campaign Manager.  Netwise customers report the best digital platform on-boarding rates in the industry - which ensures reach, impressions and responses

Reaching New Audiences and Building Lasting Connections

Once the Target audience data is enriched with multi-channel attributes, the Marketer’s options for outreach are unlimited.  With a few clicks, the Marketer can amplify their messaging to increase brand awareness and touch an audience once thought to be difficult to reach, especially in a synchronized way. 

NetWise not only sources, owns, and manages a vast B2B database of Companies and Persons (with the taxonomical attributes you would expect), it has also collected a vast set of consumer data, to which the B2B data is linked - creating our best-in-market ID Graph.  Pulled together, NetWise offers one of the largest B2B to Consumer data repositories in the industry.

And now NetWise offers access to its enhanced data asset via its new NetWise Audience Data Platform - a fully functional SaaS offering that supports customer data imports (BYOD), audience matching and extraction, custom layouts, and choices of exportable data templates to match digital and offline use cases (emails, USPS addresses, hashed consumer emails, Linkedin and Facebook template ready export formats, Programmatic-ready formatted exports, device IDs, and more).

The challenges of the new marketing landscape are real, but with the tools and processes outlined above the opportunities in those are more accessible than ever!