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Podcast: Why Storytelling Still Matters for B2B Marketing ft. Zontee Hou

NetWise Jan 12, 2022 6:02:07 PM


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Show Notes:

Zontee Hou, President of Media Volery marketing agency, Professor at Columbia University, and Director of Strategy at Convince & Convert stopped by the Data Basement to chat with Adam and Mark. Zontee helps companies of all shapes and sizes reach their full potential through strategic digital marketing, content marketing, and social media. Here are some highlights from the chat:
  • Interpretation of data is important.
  • Behavioral psychology is essential to understanding consumers.
  • Weaving data statistics into stories makes us trustworthy, makes information more memorialized, and becomes a shortcut for an individual to access data later on.
  • Using content properly helps you become a thought leader in the space.
  • Is it better to say 70% or 7 out of 10? Sometimes 43.2% works better.
  • Numbers may not be competitively important but can benefit community.
  • B2B or B2C marketers - your audience would benefit from understanding certain things so they can make better decisions or experiment with your product. Educate people so they may become a customer.
  • How do people tell good stories? What kind of language resonates in ad copy?
  • In B2B we are looking for authority and precision (sharing of numbers). In B2C we are looking for a sense of scale.
  • B2B consumers are shaped by everything they see in B2C ads.
  • Everyone lives in media ecosystem. B2B and B2C consumers.
  • Microsoft product manager is on TikTok doing quit hit demos on how to use the products in advanced ways. Teach people skills to help them get more out of your product.
  • There is no use fighting where the popular attention is. If something has 100M views, perhaps something is going on and we need to pay attention.
  • We always have to adapt to new next frontier. Marketing will follow where there's attention because we want to put messages where people spend their time and energy. Invest in a space if people are spending time there.
  • "Clubhouse is a feature, not a product" -- Kerp
  • You must diversify channels. If you can get the storytelling down, adapting your brand's story to different channels is easy. Fundamentals come down to the storytelling.
  • What provides value for the audience? If they don't get something out of the content, they won't stick around.
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