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Podcast: What is the "data" in Data-Driven Marketing?

NetWise May 27, 2021 7:58:40 PM

Show Notes:

Welcome to the second episode of our podcast. If we had to give these first few a "series" name we would probably call them, the basics. The first episode was about the idea of data-driven marketing, and why its an exciting time to be a digital marketer. In this one we're starting with some definitions, namely, "what is data?"

We break it down into what we see as the three buckets of marketing data. The data you start with, the data you get back from your campaign, and the "augmented" data sets you can build by bringing in vendor data tools to really pour fuel on your marketing efforts. (Like the NetWise Audience Platform 😉.)

And, because everyone liked last weeks' graphic so much, here's one for this week:


Venns Marketing Data