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Podcast: The Tools to Manage Your Data

NetWise Jun 23, 2021 6:34:53 PM

Show Notes:

This week we've got our first sort of technical dive into data driven marketing!

A few weeks ago we talked about what we mean when we say data in this context. Now we're breaking it down even further. We get into where all of this data lives in terms of tech stack. We're talking CRMs, CDPs, DMPs, DSPs and beyond. To start, we want to give everyone a sense of what these platforms actually are, what they do, and where they fit not just into the eco-system of data, but into data flow for data-driven marketers.

Then we dive in on what we're most excited about, the "marketing intelligence" side of things and the power of "lookalike audiences." Particularly, we get into the power of lookalike audience that aren't just a product of black box algorithms, and instead are transparent and understandable so that data-driven marketers can use the audiences, and well as segments used to create them.

We wrap up by talking about the power of BYOD (bring your own data) inside of marketing intelligence systems (including NetWise of course.)  


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