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Podcast: The Story of the NetWise Audience Platform

NetWise Jun 9, 2021 6:40:31 PM

Show Notes:

As we own right at the beginning of this one, this is a sponsored podcast, so we've gotta talk a bit about what NetWise does. We figure, if we get it out of the way with a single episode we can refer back to it. This week we launched our new Audience Platform for marketers, so feels like the right time.

In this one we run down a bit on what NetWise does, and our start in advertising data. Then we chase down the evolution of our audience data platform, and why we think it's really a revolutionary tool for data-driven marketers.

If you want even more on the platform and why we think it's cool, this week's links are to a few of the blog posts we've dropped as part of the platform launch. Enjoy!


NetWise Blog: The Story of The NetWise Audience Platform

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MediaPost: "NetWise Claims Tool Helps B2B Publishers Target Audiences"