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Podcast: The Illusion of Data-Driven Marketing ft. Robert Rose

NetWise Nov 24, 2021 4:08:49 PM


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Robert Rose, a sought-after consultant, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and one of the world’s most recognized experts in digital content strategy and marketing, stopped down in the Data Basement to talk with Adam and Brian. Robert is also the Founder, Chief Strategy Advisor and Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Marketing Institute.
Some highlights from the chat:
  • Data doesn't drive, it rides shotgun. You're the driver. Data can drive you to do stupid things.
  • We have to ask really good questions of the data before we get meaningful answers.
  • Data can unite or divide. If you don't have same understanding throughout your company, you can have conflict.
  • "Show me your google analytics, and I'll tell you a story." - Robert
  • It's okay for your subscribes to go down once in a while. It's okay for traffic to decrease. Every number increasing isn't always a good thing.
  • Many companies are missing a shared definition of success throughout departments. You must define goals and objectives and agree how to measure in order to have a shared sense of journey and destination.
  • Trying to get more leads is not a well defined objective. Trying to get more leads at the same cost per lead or less is a better constructed objective.
  • Content strategy is coordinated communication and so many companies can't get there.
  • Marketing content - describing the value of products, services and brand. Content marketing - creating value despite product and brand. There are business reasons to do both.
  • As brands and companies, we now have the ability to reach and provide value to audiences and develop content that delivers that value. We can educate, inspire, intrigue and entertain (separate and discreet from our brand, product or service) from for the purpose of affecting behavior of an audience that benefits our company. This is content marketing.
  • Content should be intriguing, educational and it should help build relationships.
  • HubSpot wrapped inbound marketing into package, creating value in content brand. They were clever in the way they packaged it.
  • How do you strike the right balance between getting leads to sales vs. taking time to build a marketing strategy? By using content, ads, SEO, etc. - executing a lot of small short term investments vs. long term investments.
  • One of the biggest challenges we see is the need to improve internal communication.
  • 90% of content strategy execution has nothing to do with creating content - it's about internal collaboration and coordinating communication.


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