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Podcast: Software has eaten marketing.... now what? ft. Chris Powell

NetWise Jun 3, 2021 5:38:35 PM

Show Notes:

Welcome back for another hang in the data lab!

This week we've got NetWise VP of Sales Engineering, Chris Powell on as our first guest. What is a sales engineer? Well, it's a lot like a marketing engineer. That is, it's a position that has emerged where sales meets data, and so ultimately it's part of the data-driven demand gen stack in the same way that data-driven marketing is.

We have a great chat about the evolution of the space, about the evolution of demand generation, and how it means a totally different way of thinking about data-driven growth. In the end, the point is that software has eaten marketing, and now we think it's coming for sales. This is a chat about what the means for the future of growth for any SaaS company.

After the mics were off we kept chatting and ended up with this week's chart, the Data-Driven Bowtie. We were so excited about it that we'll probably cover it in next week's episode. In the meantime, here it is, a chart about how the data-driven model turns what would traditionally be a funnel in to a bowtie.

Data-Driven Bowtie