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Podcast: ft. Nick Rishwain - Data & Marketing in a Two-Sided Marketplace

NetWise Sep 22, 2021 7:12:10 PM
Nick Rishwain Data-Driven Marketer


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Show Notes:

This week Nick Rishwain, VP of Business Development & Relations at Experts.com, dropped into the data basement to catch up with Adam and Brian. Experts.com is a SaaS platform that connects expert witnesses and consultants with attorneys, businesses, insurance agencies and government entities.
A few topics discussed:
  • What makes one an expert witness?
  • There are 1,400 areas of expertise. Whoa! 😮
  • A judge will send a case back if the expert isn't properly qualified.
  • Warning - although it is a lucrative gig, being a "professional expert" will discredit you. Nobody wants a witness on the stand who hasn't been in the trenches in 20 years.
  • It's not easy to find expert witnesses.
  • The Experts.com SaaS platform started as a directory and has turned into a marketing tool. Now platform users can find an expert and contact them directly via email, text or phone.
  • Prior to the SaaS platform, a broker was used to find expert witnesses could charge a 40% markup.
  • Experts.com customers are the experts. The company's strategy is to obtain more paying customers (experts) who are in mature level (decade or more) of practice looking for a change and supplemental income.
  • Although they are not paying, Experts.com still has to market to the law firms and other businesses to entice them to use the database to find experts. This business model is helping the site users reduce costs.
  • This platform helps experts become data-driven marketers by allowing them to analyze metrics on experts.com so they can understand their ROI. Experts.com shows experts in real-time who is visiting their profile.
  • Experts.com assists witnesses with profile verbiage to drive traffic and help them put their best foot forward.
  • "Every expert can be a consultant but not every consultant can be an expert witness."
  • Experts.com can't do what they do without email marketing. It's imperative to driving new customers (experts) and users (attorneys, businesses, etc.). SEO & social media ads help as well.

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