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Podcast: ft. Jason Falls - Influence Marketing: from The Queen's China to Fyre Festival

NetWise Nov 17, 2021 7:31:30 PM


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Show Notes:

Jason Falls recently stopped by the Data Basement to chat with Adam and Mark. Jason is Senior Influence Strategist at Cornett, Host of C-Suite Radio, Keynote Speaker & Author of Winfluence.
A few features from their chat:
  • The definition of an influencer and it's not what everyone thinks it is - anyone who can motivate an audience to take action, buy a product, or think differently about a product.
  • It's not what you know, it's who you know. There's enormous power in finding the right partners and being a connector.
  • Telling a client you don't have all the answers shows professional maturity.
  • The earliest known version of modern influencers was Josiah Wedgewood. Queen Charlotte loved his work and allowed him to call it The Queens China. He leveraged influence of a third party (the queen) to say "you should buy this pottery".
  • More recent influencers: mavens, smees (subject matter experts) and bloggers.
  • It's important to have a balance of social reach x engagement rate (quantified data). Types of engagements are important (qualified data). Are conversations genuine?
  • The personality of an influencer is also important. How engaging is content in the given niche?
  • Online conversation and feedback is typically positive or neutral. Negativity only accounts for about 10%.
  • Although tempting, don't feed the trolls.
  • A few of Jason's favorite Influencer platforms: Julius, Tagger, Mavrck & Izea (links below)
  • What is the future of influencer marketing as technology evolves? It's only going to get bigger and because of the data, it will be more refined. Having someone with 500K followers to promote your product won't work too long. Technology and analysis are getting more sophisticated. Connecting audiences with brands is only way to be successful.
How to reach Jason:
Join the Data-Driven Marketer Discord: https://discord.gg/XtueptFubh
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