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NetWise Joins LiveRamp Data Store, enabling marketers to utilize best in class B2B audiences easily across almost any platform

T. Brian Jones Mar 31, 2020 12:00:00 AM

Our mission to “Make Data Useful” demands that our data be accessible, streamlining the process for marketers to access the right audiences across all marketing channels, whenever and wherever they need it. Recently, we announced another step forward in that mission, enabling direct access to license NetWise audience data in the LiveRamp® Data Store. Now, when a LiveRamp user needs to secure the ideal audience for their social, search or display advertising across channels like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc., they can instantly acquire that audience from NetWise, without the time-consuming process of contracts, negotiations, or fulfillment. Saving time, creating more effective audiences, and empowering marketers to focus on the creative, goals, and results of their campaigns - that’s how we “Make Data Useful”.

Let’s face it, it can be overwhelming for a modern marketer to find the right audience to receive their message, let alone create, execute, measure and manage campaigns across dozens of platforms and channels. Our goal is simple: make it easy to acquire the ideal audience data and put it to use across all of your marketing. Too many players in this space guard off access to their data, require complicated contracts, and insert onerous terms before granting access to data that isn’t even built to meet modern marketing uses. Marketers need to know they have a meaningful, well-crafted audience in order to maximize the ROI of their efforts, and they need that audience to be accessible quickly when their creative inspiration strikes. By maintaining an open stance on integrations, and ensuring our data is easily accessible through LiveRamp, we can give marketers more time to refine what they say rather than to whom they say it.

We can be found in the LiveRamp Partner Integrations Directory here: https://liveramp.com/partners/netwise-data/.

This is just one example of our open, integrated, and USEFUL approach to audience data can enable marketers to get more done - more effectively, and more quickly. Stay tuned for more integration announcements in the future.

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