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Podcast: Leads, Funnels, and Flow Charts

NetWise Jul 14, 2021 6:55:21 PM

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Show Notes:

This is a longer one, really in the weeds, it's a deep dive. (I'm saying it too many ways because we're feeling out of we should do more long ones like this.) What do you think?

Anyway, on this one we talk through one of the messiest topics that marketers and honestly who companies deal with, Demand Gen Workflow.

We start with a broader convo about why this stuff matters, why this stuff is tricky, and (the usual) why this is the transition of marketing into engineering. Sure, a CRM is easy to use, but its actually just a graphical interface for a regular old data database. It's complicated like a database, for which we have engineers. This is part of that, so we talk about it.

Then in the back half (if you want to skip there) we actually run through our demand gen flow, mostly focusing on marketing. It's laid out in the spreadsheet below, so, if you were smart enough to pull up the notes. Follow along! 👇

Our Demand Gen Workflow:

Demand Gen Flowchart-1

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