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B2B Advertisers Can Now Reach the 37 Million Americans Working from Home, via NetWise Syndicated Covid-19 Impacted Digital Segments & Custom Audiences

T. Brian Jones Apr 27, 2020 12:15:00 AM

NetWise’s proprietary B2B-to-Consumer ID Graph enables advertisers to target the same person at work and at home, across every channel, on every device, via any sales or marketing platform.

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA. April 24, 2020 - NetWise, provider of the industry’s most powerful B2B Audience Data and proprietary B2B-to-Consumer ID Graph, has syndicated precise digital advertising segments to help reach Covid-19 & Economically Affected businesses and employees. These segments are immediately available via most DSPs, and can be quickly pushed to your seats wherever you work.

  • Working from Home During Covid-19 Pandemic: Professionals working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. Includes non-essential workers and professionals already working from home offices.

  • Recently Out of Work Due to Covid-19 Pandemic: Professionals recently out of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Includes workers in hard hit industries such as restaurants, hospitality, apparel and travel among others.

  • Likely to Receive Stimulus Check Due to Covid-19 Pandemic: Individuals likely to receive stimulus checks due to Covid-19 pandemic. Includes lower income individuals and mid income professionals with children.

Additionally, due to NetWise’s unparalleled access to unique B2B Contact Data & Audience Data, the company has been able to create custom segments and custom audiences enabling market analysis and advanced targeting to groups affected by the Covid-19 crisis. “We’ve had a staggering number of requests from our customers to understand how companies are being affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic,” Says Jack Crozier, NetWise’s Senior Vice President of Sales, “and we are working with dozens of major brands and agencies to identify the companies and people they need to reach most.”

NetWise maintains the most complete and sophisticated B2B-to-Consumer ID Graph in industry, and has leveraged that to enable businesses to stay in touch with prospects and run successful marketing campaigns while people are working from home. “We’re having great success modeling Covid-19 & Economically Affected Businesses based on information like state and federal regulations, industry impact, geographic impact, business news, and specific company reporting.” Says NetWise’s CTO and acting CMO, T. Brian Jones. “We’re trying to enable businesses to stay in touch with their customers and share important information with those in our communities in need of support.”

If you want to learn more about staying in touch with your B2B Prospects while they work from home during this crisis, contact NetWise by phone (561-409-0570), by email (sales@netwisedata.com), or via our website: netwisedata.com.

About NetWise: NetWise is the leading provider of B2B Audience Data to Brands, Agencies, Platforms, Sales & Marketing professionals, and Data Science teams. Our unique B2B Data Products enable true multi-channel marketing allowing you to target the same audience across all marketing channels in every platform you want to use. Our proprietary B2B-to-Consumer ID Graph means you reach the same person everywhere and every time. And, we provide the greatest audience reach in industry, period. Our customers regularly work with us to generate and activate custom segments and audiences. We are experts at extracting intelligence and making it useful for your specific business and audience needs. No other company has more unique business data readily available.

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