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...and I thought data was already useful?

Corey O'Donnell Aug 1, 2019 12:00:00 AM

“Data is the new gold. But like gold it must be mined and refined in order to become more than a hidden raw material.” - some Smart Guy said once

Modern businesses create and consume a massive amount of information. Every business function is tied to a computer network, software platform, or cloud architecture that is creating an ever-expanding universe of data that (in theory) should inform and help to optimize every aspect of the business. Unfortunately, most businesses can’t keep up with the data they’re accumulating, nor unite, enrich and normalize it into something truly useful.

Data is fragmented, locked into proprietary systems and silos, and is almost always lacking the appropriate joins needed to make it actionable for marketing purposes. Moreover, most businesses don’t have access to the information about potential customers that could transform them from nameless/faceless targets into real people that can be activated with the right message. Modern business needs data experts, core contact data, and intelligent data management to fulfill the promise of data…

After all, with the dawn of the digital age, and especially ‘Big Data’, we were promised easy and efficient sales and marketing. Instead, what we got is bloated enterprise systems that require a team to manage, expensive utilities that don't play well together, and sales and marketing teams that can't execute because just getting started often seems impossible.

NetWise cleans that up. We enable the promises of the digital revolution by making data useful.

We provide the technology and services needed to put data into action. Our proprietary technology unites, shapes, and enriches data from a diverse range of sources, including your own internal data, to create a a reliable, ever-updated, single-source of truth for your market outreach which can be consumed by nearly any marketing tool or channel. Build Audiences, Identify Intent, & Target Intelligently; we make your tools work well - together. We’re agnostic to the marketing platform you use to run your campaigns - just load our flexible pre-formatted data into your existing tools to supercharge your outreach performance.

So, while you may have thought your data was already useful, it was likely - at best - informative.


That’s our mission. The reason we get out of bed in the morning. It’s that simple.