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A Modern Twist on a Web-Based B2B Audience Data Platform

T. Brian Jones Jan 20, 2021 6:12:30 PM

NetWise is shifting gears!

We are so proud to announce the creation of the NetWise B2B Audience Data Platform. This unique platform was created with the marketing professional in mind, with features that promote self-sufficiency and expediency in data access and multi-channel audience creation. The goal of our website is to create something incredibly user-friendly that delivers quantifiable campaign successes, and our early adopters are telling us that they are accomplishing just that. 

With the launch of the NetWise data platform, we are redefining what marketers should expect from B2B Marketing Data. With it, you can build audiences in minutes, export data, and fill your funnel, with no heavy lifting, complex onboarding, or painful platform integrations.

Why A Platform?

A key reason we created this new interface was to simplify access to business data, market analysis, and the creation of targeted audiences, so that our clients have full control over who they target, where and when. With the NetWise platform, neither party needs to involve their engineering or data science teams to cut and deliver files, and the laborious back and forth to define audiences completely disappears. Our users have full query access to our complete B2B Audience Database and Consumer-to-Business ID Graph, a first for any system in the advertising and marketing technology space. 

The New Normal

At NetWise, we understand that B2B audiences are more mobile and transient than ever before. To address this new normal, and to empower our clients, the NetWise platform, and impressive, ever-expanding taxonomy, provide limitless potential for your marketing initiatives. Every marketer can now reach the same person at work and at home, across every channel, on every device, via any sales or marketing platform, quickly, easily, and repeatably.

Customers are able to download audience data, pre-formatted for any use case, whether it's to send emails, target groups on Facebook or LinkedIn, activate programmatic campaigns, or even use a call center or direct mail. The NetWise platform is the only data platform that gives you the option and facility to activate campaigns across every channel for true omnichannel marketing. 

Why NetWise?

NetWise is here to help on your journey no matter how simple or complex your marketing needs. Our core promise is to connect you with the right data, to deliver your messages to the right person, in the right place at the right time. We are here to help you find your target audience and boost sales through our industry-leading B2B data and easy to use Data Platform. 

Create your first audience in minutes with the NetWise web-based data platform; contact us today.