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News, thoughts, and other goodies for the Data-driven Marketer NetWise.

Podcast: What is Data-Driven Marketing?

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Campaign managers are wasting their lives in Excel.

Manage your campaigns. Not your data. No one likes dealing with Company and Contact data in Excel. Engineers don't. Analysts don't. And your campaign managers definitely don't...

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Reaching B2B Audiences: The Challenge is the Opportunity

Historic Challenges, Historic Opportunities B2B Marketers are living in unique times in terms of both Marketing “challenges” and Marketing “opportunities”, but looking at this as..

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The Beginning of NetWise & The Future Of The Data Industry: Q&A with NetWise CEO

For the last 10 years, NetWise has been the leading provider of B2B Audience Data to the largest B2B data companies, direct brands, agencies, platforms, sales & marketing..

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A Modern Twist on a Web-Based B2B Audience Data Platform

NetWise is shifting gears! We are so proud to announce the creation of the NetWise B2B Audience Data Platform. This unique platform was created with the marketing professional in..

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NetWise, Bombora's Valued Partnership Brings Unique B2B Data Usage To Customers

NetWise SmartIntent was recently featured as a valued Bombora partner for its unique combined service with Company Surge® Intent data. BOCA RATON, FL - January 5, 2020 ​- Boca..

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How to Target Your Ideal Customer

A common question a lot of people ask when it comes to building the perfect marketing campaign is how to target your ideal customers and know you are reaching the right audience..

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Why Your Data is Keeping You From Growing Your Business

Are you sitting there wondering how you have so much potential customer data, and yet you still aren’t seeing the business growth you desire? Rest assured, this is a common issue..

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Hi, We're NetWise

Could inaccurate and incomplete business and audience data be costing your sales and marketing programs thousands of dollars a year? What if your business had the opportunity to..

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