B2B Marketing

Extensive file of domain name registrations, most up-to-date business contacts databases, with enough audience segments for precise targeted campaigns.

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Product Resale Monitor

Coming early 2017: A monitoring and investigative solution that automates the tedious process of identifying when stolen goods are offered for sale online, sending you alerts for quick action.

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Risk & Collections

Our risk and collections products regularly outperform competitors with a wide selection of POE, incarceration, bank, and social network solutions.

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Are you a Wise Data Buyer?

Learn how to buy data wisely in this compact, informative guide.

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Raise Your ROI with Our High-Performance Data Solutions

We eat, sleep and breathe data. NetWise Data specializes in identifying fresh sources of data that can be put to work to solve business problems. Day after day, our data products help companies raise ROI, earn money and expand into lucrative new markets. Our secure, compliant data consistently delivers the kind of performance that puts smiles on our customers’ faces—and on ours, too, because their success is our success.

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